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Papper - en ordlös saga om livet

The jury's motivation

An enchanting performance about paper. Marionetteatern has created a complete work of art that moves seamlessly between several areas of the performing arts; dance, puppet theatre, performance. With a poetic touch and gentle hand, the ensemble’s genderless, mime characters are given life from something as simple as paper. Brown wrapping paper is transformed into the sea, birds, people and other amazing creatures. Even the sound of the paper plays a part in this wordless performance. With an eye for detail, the ensemble creates a delicate and humorous gem for young children, but which will fascinate people of all ages

Crumpled paper, folded paper, twisted paper, torn paper; a never ending cycle where figures appear out of nowhere, transform, perish - and are resurrected.

A bare stage. Suddenly things begin to happen. A crunching sound as paper comes to life and assumes the form of various characters. What kind of characters? Well, as when children play, they can assume any form at all.
Four experienced actors with backgrounds steeped in puppetry, acting, mime and circus each add their own individual and highly specialized skills to the performance.
– The stage is set for a playful mixture of movement and puppetry in which every performance

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Theatre Puppetery Mime