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The jury's motivation

When grown-ups play war in a theatrical context, war is stripped completely bare. All the heroes, all the bravery and the halo that surrounds the term is robbed of its sheen of greatness. In "Oorlog", play is used as a strategy for declaring war on war itself. What remains of such a performance is a strange and inexplicable interplay between comedy and tragedy.

A balloon, slowly loosing it’s air. Little helicopters falling of a tree. A shower that weeps. An audience that shoots and three soldiers on roller-skates, speaking backwards with shock. Three soldiers finding themselves in a bizarre, ungraspable world who are helplessly unable to cope: "We wished we had something proper to say. Sorry. But war is just too big, even for us. We are just here to put on a show."

War is an inconceivable theme that concerns everyone. Children develop their own ideas about it, but as much as the adults try, they don’t find adequate answers to the children's questions. So Jetse Batelaan and his ensemble of three from the Dutch group Artemis, take the flight forward and create a virtuosic and absurd play, a ride on razor’s edge. A huge part of which is the stage design, really the fourth performer, full of malice and evil tricks, providing as little security for the actors as life might in an area of conflict.

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