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The jury's motivation

This is a dancing tribute to what is actually a sadly neglected body part – the thigh. Now the thighs finally get to play the leading role and how they hog the limelight! With a frustrating longing they take their place on the stage and there is much they want to convey. They jump, shake, stretch, dance, wobble, but above all they take centre stage. With a wonderful self-evident, humorous and enthusiastic attitude, the dancers highlight questions about ideals and norms. But above all, they offer an infectious joy of the body.

"LÅR" is a playful show, a tribute to the thighs where they get to glitter, giggle, be recognised, questioned and appear self-evident! The thighs are tired of being in the shadow, tired of being ignored and associated with feelings of embarrassment and annoyance. The thighs can change shapes and size like no other body part, they can jump, jiggle, change direction, twist, rub against each other, hug and wrestle. Now it is time for the thighs to shine, to break free, come into the light to show their potential for movement and looks. Finally they get to play the main part!

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