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The jury's motivation

Merely the effort and the idea of staging Wagner for 5-year-olds is worth a tremendous amount of praise. In "Guldet", Charlotte Engelkes’s children are sucked into a mythical fantasy world where Wagner's ‘Das Rheingold’ provides an inspirational foundation for the performance's ingenious narrative and concept. This is no conventional production of ‘Das Rheingold’ spanning several hours, but rather everything is distilled down to a 45 minute glittering and complete work of art. The Gold shows in a fascinatingly clear manner how classical works can communicate with new audiences without being compliantly wish-washy. It is brave, disrespectful, funny, shimmering and playful.

The Gold is gone and the mermaid is so sad and crying. 
Brave Måns is searching in the water, at the castle and deep down in the underworld. Måns meets Gods, hungry giants and a sad old dragon. But what is it that makes everyone want the Gold? And why does the Gold make everyone so strange?
 This shiny musical fairytale is inspired by Wagners opera ”Das Rheingold”. 

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Opera Dance