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Go International! Why and How?

”How do you keep your international network alive and kicking? What does it mean to continuously be active on the international stage? What does it take? What is its value?

To get attention internationally is complicated, time-consuming and expensive. By collaborating more can be achieved for less money. It is time efficient to share work. To be seen in a context gives maximum efficiency in the actions. By collaborating we build greater knowledge than acting separately. What is needed? What are the key focuses to achieve success? What goes on in the presenters mind? Do we need to know?

Invited guests to help us get a deeper understanding behind the scenes of successful international presence are:

Charlotte Engelkes - Charlotte Engelkes, director and performance artist, has a solid background in modern dance and theatre. At BIBU 2018 her production GULDET are part of the selected program. Read more here

Dalija Acin Thelander
Dalija Aćin Thelander is a choreographer working in the field of art for children. She is a graduate of the Lujo Davičo Ballet School in Belgrade and has expanded her experience and skills during numerous classes and residencies across Europe.  At BIBU 2018 her production MYRIADER AV VÄRLDAR are part of the selected program. Read More here

Moderator Åsa Edgren, Loco World
Åsa Edgren founded the successful cultural exchange organization Loco Motion in 2004 to become Loco World (LW) in 2011. Read more here

The Seminar is being arranged and hosted by Loco World
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