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åååå snälla följ mig <3<3<3

The jury's motivation

This newly written musical takes place in a pastel-coloured room covered with a thick carpet. The story is a tribute to young fans and their love and affection for their idols. It takes them seriously and conveys the power, the sense of community and the creativity. Through finely crafted characters played with an enthusiasm worthy of truly inveterate fans, we follow the heartfelt idol worship of Ellis and Alexis and big sister Illon with her critical attitude. Despite the heightened theatrical style, the actors never lose respect for their characters or their young audience. It is a world filled with abandon, empathy, imagination and dreams and a desire to be someone who matters. Political correctness, criticism of consumerism and superficiality also form part of this multivitamin of a performance.

A musical for children between the ages of 10-12 about fans, femininity and group belonging. Isabel Cruz Liljegren and Saga Björklund Jönsson explore the worship of idols and its importance for love, community and creativity.  åååå snälla följ mig <3 <3 <3 is the feeling of the experience of nature. Standing high on a mountain and looking out over the world. The feeling of immortality and eternity that flows like bubbles through the blood. The feeling of boundless love, throwing oneself out into eternity and being caught. To be occupied by a collective, be part of something big and losing yourself in an ocean of longing. 

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