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Finally! The jury selection – bibu 2016


Collage bibu 2016

At bibu 2014 the new jury for bibu 2016 was presented and started their process.

The composition of the jury consists of highly deserved members who in many and different ways contribute with their knowledge and points of view. The international selection is composed by an external international counsel, consisting of individuals who through their professions and network holds a good view over, and naturally sees a lot of international productions around the world.

The jury for bibu 2016 consists of: Boel Gerell, author, cultural journalist and university teacher, Camilla Reppen, producer, choreograph, dancer and pedagogue/educator, Daniel Isakson, excecutive manager Ung Scen Norr, Mattias Brunn, actor, playwright and director, Ramtin Parvaneh, actor, Åsa Ekberg, artistic director, actor and director.

The international counsel for bibu 2016 consists of: Charlotta Grimfjord Cederblad, actor, director, Peter Sunesson, producer and Niclas Malmcrona, excecutive manager.

Together the groups have seen over 300 productions directed towards children and youth.

Because of involvement in the play the following Jury-member did not participate in the discussion of the performance "Vårt förakt för svaghet"  - Mattias Brunn. Mattias was nor participating in the final decision concerning the overall selection.

In choosing the swedish performances, the following aspects have been reviewed, beyond the artistic quality of the production: recommended age group, geographical location, type of producer, genre, theme, actors/bodies deviating from the normative whiteness, the amount of men and women on stage and authors.

The jury and the international counsel have together decided upon 16 swedish performances and 3 international performances.

With the selection from the jury and the international counsel, bibu 2016 will offer both thrilling and challenging performances in the front edge of performing arts. The performances are both itchy and highly topical, presenting a contemporary view from a world-wide perspective.

This is something we all look forward to. We will see you in Helsingborg the 18th-21st of May 2016!


Maria Ragnarsson, CEO Bibu AB and coordinator for the jury and the international counsel - bibu 2016


The Jury’s selection -  bibu 2016:

international performances

  • Chotto Desh with Akram Khan Company (UK)
  • Duda with Associação Moçambicana de Teatro para Infância e Jovens (Mocambique)
  • Echoa with Compagnie Arcosm (France)


swedish performances

  • Game over with Banditsagor
  • Girls will make you blush! with Unga Klara i samarbete with Carrasco Dance Company and Västmanlands Teater
  • Hold with Erik Linghede
  • JUCK with JUCK
  • Kan själv! with Teater Pero
  • Propreté with Regionteater Väst Dans
  • Revolution with Ung Scen Öst
  • Six Drummers på Operaverkstan with Six Drummers och Operaverkstan
  • Smålands mörker with Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg
  • Teater Smuts startar punkband – motståndsstrategier i ett fascistiskt Europa with Teater Smuts
  • Troll i utkanten av samhället with Regionteater Väst Teater
  • Ursäkta, skulle ni kunna svälta lite tystare, vi försöker faktiskt skapa lite ekonomisk tillväxt här borta! with Profilteatern
  • Vahák with Ögonblicksteatern
  • Vår klass with Helsingborgs stadsteater
  • Vårt förakt för svaghet with Stockholms stadsteater Skärholmen
  • ÖFA: Monster with ÖFA-kollektivet and ZebraDans