Save the date 13-16 May 2020!

Photo: Marcus and Mattas Thernström Florin

We are happy to annouce that the city of Helsingborg has given us funding for four years, so now the attention is not only directed to bibu 2020 but also to bibu 2022

So save the date - 13-16 May 2020 for bibu 2020 in Helsingborg! 


bibu 2018

A big thank you to all participants in bibu 2018!

More tickets will be released 25 April!

Föreställningsbild Mamman, Teater Tribunalen

Photo: Henrik Dahl, Jury chosen performance bibu 2018, Mamman, Teater Tribunalen

It is both good and bad that many performances are fully booked. 

Many of this year’s chosen productions perform, due to artistic choices, in very small venues, and are therefore already fully booked. However, since one of bibu’s mission also is to play for schoolchildren, we have reserved tickets for schools. But the tickets not booked by schools, will be released around 25 April

Have you already booked, you can via the booking link in your booking confirmation add more or change your booking. Last day to re-book is 8 May and last day to book on-line is 13 May

Program and booking!

On Thursday 15 March at 13.00 the booking opens for bibu 2018! 

The whole program will be published the 15 March. 

Here you'll find more information and prices. 

Thanks for all suggested productions!


Our jury is now working on choosing the productions for the next bibu 2018. During the month of December selected productions will be contacted by us. At the end of January all productions will be publicly released.

Seminar Council bibu 2018

Seminarieråd bibu 2018

Bibus Seminary Council will work on developing structure and monitoring current trends for the seminar program that will be offered during bibu 2018.

The seminar council consists of Bibu AB's chairman Lisbeth Morin, Bibu AB's President, Emma El-Hallah, Eva Gustafsson, Mario Castro Sepulveda and Kristina Ros.

Lisbeth Morin can be read about here and Emma El-Hallah can be read about here.


Eva Gustafsson

I work with equal treatment, children and libraries in the norm-creative method development project Brytiga Böcker. From autumn I will, among other things, be temporary as a child culture consultant in Umeå Municipality. Has a background in the performing arts as a children theater producer, director of the Theater Center Northern Region, investigator in the ESF project Kulturkraft Nord, as well as ideally involved in Wisp and member of the Culture Council reference group for free performing arts.


Mario Castro Sepulveda

I am a communicator and tour operator at Teater 23 in Malmö. I have previously worked for the Bandit Theater, the Drama Theater and the Odyssé Theater. I have also participated in the Scenkonstbiennal seminar council and sat in the jury of the Scenkonstgalan 2016. In addition to my service at Teater 23, I have a number of board assignments in Malmö cultural life.


Kristina Ros

I have worked as a dramaturg throughout my career and has been connected to the Masthuggsteater in Gothenburg for a long time, where I work with repertoire and planning in long and short arches, is a performance dramatist and sometimes writing. It happens that I do efforts at other theaters.

Since 2006, I also work in the board of the Child Theater Academy and since 2013 I have been in charge of the project leader role. Larger projects I've worked with here are the anthology Call of Conduct (editor), and project management of Interplay Europe 2016 (in collaboration with ASSITEJ Sweden).