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The twins Aicha and Ali were born on the same day, in the same family and both carry their postcode as a flag. Until they became teenagers, they were a complex tornado of chaos, a team that held each other by the back. Now Aicha's door is always closed. Alis too. On each side, they struggle to find their way between pile of pipes, washing times, telemarketing jobs, school, Gucci Becker bags, snap stories, love, friends - and grief. In recent years, there have been more funerals than student clinics in the area where they live. And in the end, they both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

Melody Farshinär stand-up comedian and was published in 2018 with the debut book Mizeria. With an inside perspective, she depicts a rarely represented everyday life in a million program area somewhere in Sweden. Now Mizeria is staged for the first time, in its own dramatization, specially written for Kulturhuset Stadsteatern. The director is debuting director Astrid Kakuli.

From 14 years

Motivation of the jury: 

A highly topical contemporary story is woven together with a staging that is highly relevant to its audience. It is a sincere depiction of the complexity of adolescence, of love for one's community and of the consequences of violence. The show lives and breathes through its actor duo who impressively carry an entire gallery of characters on their shoulders.

Time and place

19:00 - 20:20
13:00 - 14:20
18:00 - 19:20

Play time: 80 minutes


Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Husby