• Regionteater Väst

The performance Mitt jag encourages a positive self-image and seeing the beauty of our differences. Through movement and textiles, we together create an illuminated sculptural world where the starting point is that all bodies are beautiful and valuable.

Mitt jag is an interdisciplinary collaboration between choreographer Heidi Vierthaler and textile designer Samira Boon. The dancers create a textile installation using dynamic and malleable fabrics. We get to go on a journey that encourages imagination, creativity and joy. A journey that opens up to appreciate and ourselves and others for who we are.


From 10 years

Motivation of the jury: 

Mysterious and warm-hearted with a respectful place for own interpretations, without forgetting an audience that needs literal references. The dancers work skilfully with audience contact, movements and surprising scenography elements of different materials. Soundtrack, room and costume further stimulate the imagination. Fresh, fun and innovative.

Performance image My self
Photo: Håkan Larsson
Performance image My self
Photo: Håkan Larsson

Time and place

10:00 - 10:40
12:00 - 12:40
10:00 - 10:40
12:45 - 13:25

Play time: 40 minutes


Regionteater Väst


  • Choreography och regi: Heidi Vierthaler 
  • Textile artist: Samira Boon 
  • Costume design: Heidi Vierthaler and Johanna Ramsin
  • Composer: Tom van Wee 
  • Scenography: Tomas Sjöstedt 
  • Lighting design: Ida Gustafsson
  • Ensemble: Nicole Neidert/Jessica Andrenacci, Rebecka Hansson och Oliver Flor Jull
  • Technician: Johanna Ramsin
  • Photo: Håkan Larsson