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Mantis and the Bee is based on a story of the first people.  It is a visual, musical, and humorous exploration of /Xam mythology and the origin of life. The performance uses dance, masks, puppetry, Khoikhoi, and English language.

Mantis and the Bee were created by the rain and the flame to go on an epic journey in search of life. They get involved in an action-comedy adventure in a world before the earth was created. Discover the magic hidden inside the stories of the first people called /Xam.

OBS! The performance 18 th of May 11.15 is cancelled. The other performances shows film and people from the Mantis and the Bee will talk instead. 


From 10 years old

Motivation of the international selection committee: 

This is a beautiful, well thought-through performance of and about the First Nation People of South-Africa. Making use of instruments, including an indigenous soundscape, body percussions, visuals, movements, and lighting; that compliments the narration of the story. The marriage of minimalistic dialogue and expressive movements make this performance enjoyable to watch. The directorial and script also provides an opportunity for inclusivity beyond the borders of language and nationality. The theme is universal and therefore this show will work for an international audience.

Time and place

14:00 - 14:35
19:30 - 20:05
00:00 - 00:00
14:30 - 15:05

Play time: 35 minuites


Jungle Theatre Company


Mantis and the Bee was created collaboratively by Jungle Theatre Company at the start of 2019.

Written and directed by Joce Engelbrecht

Masks and puppets designed by Kai Goertz

Music composed and performed by Gershan Lombard and Zizipho Gcasamba, Noxolo Magadla and Siyawandisa Badi.