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  • Claire Parsons Co

Claire Parsons' performance Lilla Svansjön was created in collaboration with Unga Dramaten in Stockholm.

Instead of the graceful swans that the visitor expects, three figures appear on stage trying out flights, tackling a silver lake and finding the best steps for groups in groups. When it comes to who can take a seat and the expectations of how things should be done. It is a great classic in a new version that is about taking other steps than expected.

From 4 years

Performance image Lilla Svansjön
Photo: Sören Vilks
Performance image Lilla Svansjön
Photo: Sören Vilks

Time and place

10:00 - 10:45
12:00 - 12:45


Claire Parsons Co


  • STAGEING: Claire Parsons
  • CHOREOGRAPHY: Claire Parsons
  • PARTICIPANTS 2022: Nea Landin, Linnea Sundling and Petter Wadsten
  • MUSIC: Mikael Svanevik
  • SCENOGRAPHY: Emma Fallde, Tina Paulson
  • LIGHT DESIGN: Jesper Larsson
  • COSTUME: Please Palm
  • MASK: Moa Hedberg