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Or is that something we shouldn't talk about?

How does a performing artist make a living? We put a couple of questions on the round table about markets, attitudes towards money and maybe touch some taboos.....

In this kitchen table talk we will meet experienced dance professionals that will give their answers to questions like "is there an international market for performing arts?" and " if so, what does it look like?" " and "how do we relate to that in a sensible way?"

Those who will share their thoughts about this are international producers and choreographers Magnus Nordberg (Sweden), Hanna Falk (Sweden), Karen Toftegaard (Denmark), Hege Knarvik Sande (Norway), Anders Rohlan Småhaug (Norway), Bebë de Soares (Vice President, Assitej International) (Moderator), Lars Garpenfeldt (Sweden) (Moderator)

The seminar is organized by Assitej Young Dance Network.

Time and place

11:00 - 12:00

Play time: 60 minutes


By Young Dance Network
Lars Garpenfeldt