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Jury's choice bibu 2018

Jury's choice bibu 2018

It is a range of both colourful and black/white, from border-crossing to one’s inner room and incarnated identity in performing arts for the very small children to the young adults. All this within different genres; dance, opera, theater, puppetry, musical, dancetheatre, 

The jury for bibu 2018 consisted of:
Andrea Svensson, dancer, Beatrice Hammar, dans producer Norrlandsoperan, Maria Hedborg, actress, Moa Backman, writer and dramaturg, Patrik Pettersson, director, actor and project manager Dalateatern Childrena & Youth, Peter Sunesson, producer Dansstationen Malmö

The international counsel for bibu 2018 consisted of: Anna Efraimsson, lecturer in choregraphy DOCH, curator and producer, Josefin Lindberg, CEO Follow the Rabbit, och Bengt Andersson, artistic director Children and Youth Riksteatern

Performance picture 5114 dagar, Backa teater

5114 dagar

Backa Teater

"5114 days" becomes the third part in the series where Backa Teater examines an age by letting the actors remember their own experiences of how it

Performance picture De passant, Laika

De Passant


Some people feel at home wherever they are.

Performance picture Glängtan, Backa teater


Backa Teater

Below the ground, where we cannot see, the trees lead their mysterious lives.

Föreställningsbild Guldet, Charlotte Engelkes/Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Skärholmen


Charlotte Engelkes/ASTARTE produktion

The Gold is gone and the mermaid is so sad and crying. 
Brave Måns is searching in the water, at the castle and deep down in the underworld.

Performance picture Hela familjen, Kulturhuset stadsteatern Skärholmen

Hela familjen

Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Skärholmen

Poor Leia (yes, she is named after the lady in the bikini in Star Wars) has a secret love who will dump her twice, but she doesn’t know that yet.

Performance picture I'm her(e)

I´m her(e)

PotatoPotato Scenkonst

Ara has skipped school for a very long time now. Because she has been given a room of her own by Virginia Woolf.

Konferenz der wesentlichen Dinge, Pulk Fiktion

Konferenz der wesentlichen Dinge

Pulk Fiktion

What would happen if you could chose your own family? What kind of freedom would it create? Who would take care of whom? 

Performance picture Koreografin, Johansson pelargoner och dans


Johanssons pelargoner och dans

"Koreografin" explores the world through movement and investigates how the way we move affects how we perceive the world.

Performance picture LÅR, wecollective



"LÅR" is a playful show, a tribute to the thighs where they get to glitter, giggle, be recognised, questioned and appear self-evident!

Mamman performance picture


Teater Tribunalen

A show for social justice activists of all sizes.
The little town where we lived only had one purpose. The factory.

Performance picture Mellan oss, Folkteatern Gävleborg

Mellan oss

Folkteatern Gävleborg

What are boundaries, and what do they do to us? Which boundaries can we cross, and are they open to all of us?

Performance picture Myraider av världar, Kungliga operan

Myriader av världar

Unga på Operan, Kungliga Operan

Get up CLOSE and personal with art – for babies and toddlers aged 3-18 months. Allow your little one to experience art and explore every corner of

Oorlog Theater Artemis


Theater Artemis

A balloon, slowly loosing it’s air. Little helicopters falling of a tree. A shower that weeps.

Performance picture Papper, Marionetteatern

Papper - en ordlös saga om livet

Marionetteatern, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

Crumpled paper, folded paper, twisted paper, torn paper; a never ending cycle where figures appear out of nowhere, transform, perish - and are resu

Performance Picture Rapport från ett omklädningsrum, Västmanlands teater

Rapport från ett omklädningsrum

Västmanlands Teater

Dreams, shower gel and sexual harassments – what is really going on in a locker room?

Performance photo Signalisterna Masthuggsteatern



"The Signalists" are part of the three-year project named Stafetten, where Masthuggsteater collaborates with students at Sandeklevs school in Bergs

Performance picture Sissy bomb, Dansstationens turnékompani

Sissy Bomb

Dansstationens Turnékompani/Martin Forsberg

A collective and anti-educational project about  empowerment and och free spaces for a young audience and grownups (from 14 years and up).

Performance Picture Törnrosa den enda sanna kärlekens tid, Estrad norr

Törnrosa – den enda sanna kärlekens tid

Estrad Norr

After a hundred years of sleep, the beautiful princess is about to be awakened by “the one true love’s kiss”.

Performance picture åååå snälla följ mig <3<3<3, Riksteatern

åååå snälla följ mig <3<3<3


A musical for children between the ages of 10-12 about fans, femininity and group belonging.