Guide and support with booking and change of personal program

We have a number of questions regarding how the booking system works. Here are some quick answers to the most common questions.


I wish to purchase a Pass:

* Enter the booking here.

* Select activities per day. The system follows and you can see the updates in the upper right corner.

* When you are done, the system has picked a pass for you which covers your selections. If everything is correct, proceed to payment.

* You will receive a Booking Confirmation to your email, which contains all of your selected activities, and a link that you from now on use to make edits to your activities. You can edit as you like up to the Festival start.

* The invoice is sent by mail or email, depending on your selected preference. It takes some time for the invoice to arrive, but you have the Booking Confirmation right away.


I already have a Pass:

* Use your Booking Confirmation and the link to enter the booking system.

* The link is just under your name. A blue line of text that reads  ’Click here to edit your activities’

* When you have edited, click on ’Update’ and you are back in you Booking Confirmation, that now has an updated list.

* Use this link only when you wish to make changes. If you enter via the website, you start the purchase process all over again.