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This performance is not selected by the jury but included in Tema Friktionskraft: Teatercentrum presents a tool for analysing performances to encourage a norm-creative approach to artistic work and audience development within the performing arts. The tool will be tried out during a taklback with the audience directly after four, randomly selected, performances by four independent theatres, members of Teatercentrum. Read more here! 

Åskådaren (The Bystander) is a humorous piece about group processes, herd behavior and and acting on moral courage and convictions.  The play treats the bystander effect as a phenomenon in the aestetich framing of a middle school disco.  Åskådaren examines the boundary between childhood and youth, between curiosity and violations. It depicts some of the sexualized harassment that is normalized by society and the adult world,
The performance has been based on dialouge and workshops with adolescents

Föreställningsbild Åskådaren, bibu 2018
Fotografi: Thomas Ivarsson

Time and place




Script: Emil Nilsson-Mäki, Karin Malmberg, Magnus Nilsson-Mäki
Director: Emil Nilsson-Mäki
On stage: Karin Malmberg, Magnus Nilsson-Mäki
Set design and costumes: Frida Allberg
Lighting design: Jonas Olsson
Sound design: Magnus Grenstedt
Producer: Jenny Forslund & Frida Allberg
Trailer: Magnus Grenstedt

Poster photo and performance pictures: Thomas Ivarsson