Now we have released our Swedish and International productions for Bibu 2022

Together with ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering, Bibu invites you to a six-day festival 17-22 May in Helsingborg with Swedish and international theater, dance and circus performances for children and young people together with a wide range of seminars, debates, workshops and other performing arts-related surprises.

- It will be the first performing arts biennial in just over two years that will be held live in its entirety, says Bibus' CEO and operations manager Niklas Borefors. The biennial is important and important for the performing arts in general and for professionals in the target group for children and young people in particular, and it is with great joy and pride that we present 36 performances as part of the content at Bibu in May.

The performances selected for Bibu - and ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2022 - consist of two parts: a part with Swedish performances selected by a Swedish jury and a part with international performances selected by an international selection committee. For the international part, Bibu welcomes performances created or produced by and with indigenous peoples - with works of art including theater, dance, "storytelling / storytelling" and cross-border performing arts with a combination of cultural and contemporary artistic expression.

- After several years of work, it feels fantastic that the international performances are now presented: theater and dance for all ages from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa and Taiwan. With the international focus on performing arts by and with indigenous peoples, Bibu invites you to a unique opportunity to get acquainted with a part of the performing arts life that has so far been almost invisible, says Niclas Malmcrona, operations manager for ASSITEJ Sweden and project manager for ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2022.

Sustainability, inclusion and function are other focuses that will make Bibu an unrivaled event. With a pandemic coming to an end, it is fantastic to be able to look forward to a crackling performing arts party in Helsingborg.

The Swedish jury members and the members of the international selection committee - with different backgrounds, ages and experiences, have for almost two years seen a variety of performing arts productions and continuously weighed, compared, argued and finally decided on a selection that is now presented.

The Swedish selection is based on productions that have had their premiere in 2020 and 2021 and are aimed at a target group from 0 to 19 years. Both the Swedish jury and the international selection committee have worked on representation in various forms - target group, age, genre, geographical spread. Not least, the concept of artistic quality has repeatedly characterized the conversations, rather than working on the basis of a predetermined theme.

- We in the jury are incredibly happy to be able to present such a varied, crackling and urgent selection of performing arts: works of art, circus, dance, puppet theater, new technology, interactivity, newly written drama and acting. This includes children's perspectives and highly topical contemporary stories, dreams and dilemmas, myth and magic, poetry and provocation, says Karin Helander, one of the Swedish jury members.

In addition to performances, Bibu presents a program with seminars, workshops and other program activities. We have never before received so many seminar and workshop proposals from the performing arts industry. Something that also shows an interest in the industry and to have conversations about culture and cultural policy is more important than ever and the desire to meet again after almost two years of pandemic and canceled biennials.

14 Swedish and 6 international performances have been selected to be performed at Bibu together with performances within our theme tracks Function and School as a venue, Young Swedstage and collaborations. Information about all productions can be found on our website where you can also read the motivations.

The Swedish jury-selected productions for Bibu 2022 are:

Buster Keaton on the Moon - Young Ready

Do as I say - Bobbi Lo Production

A seed in space - The Puppet Theater

Fanfiction - The theater ambulance

Hear how quiet it is - Regional Theater Blekinge & Kronoberg

My self - Regional Theater West

Mizeria - Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Husby

Cloud - Giraffe Company

Orpheus and Eurydice - Young Dramaten & Young at the Opera

In pure Swedish - Regional Theater West

Snow - Puppet Theater Tittut

Stora Drömspelet - Helsingborgs Stadsteater

Our most important adults - Angereds Teater

Eyewitnesses - Lea & Stefan - Unga Malmö Stadsteater

The internationally selected productions for Bibu 2022 are:

Beyond Sensation - Tjucenglav Forum - Taiwan

Čázevulošnieida - THE UNDERWATER GIRL - Katerina Skår Lisa - Norge / Sapmi

Mantis and the Bee - The Jungle Theater - Cape Town, South Africa

Mistatim - Red Sky Performance - Toronto / Canada

Saltbush - Insite Arts and Compagnia TPO - Greensborough, Australia

Shel We - Le Moana Dance - Aotearoa, New Zealand


Published: 2022-02-15