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New leadership for bibu!

A photo of bibu's new operational managers Liselotte Lindahl and Tanja Mangalanayagam
Liselotte Lindahl and Tanja Mangalanayagam are the new operational managers of bibu Photo: Jenny Baumgartner

The board of Bibu AB has appointed Tanja Mangalanayagam and Liselotte Lindahl as new operational managers with a shared leadership role. They will assume their new roles 1 July 2023.

- It is with great anticipation we welcome Tanja and Liselotte as new operational managers. They are two experienced project managers and festival creators with complimentary skils that will lift Bibu both as a festival and organization. They have a firm footing in the Skåne region and a broad knowledge of the performing arts' field as a whole. It will be very interesting to follow their work the coming years, says the the chair of Bibu's board, Måns Lagerlöf. 

Tanja has many years of experience as a project manager in the dance field working mainly in the Skåne region. Tanja originally trained as a dancer and choreographer in London. Before joining Skånes dansteater she worked in Great Britain for many years mostly focusing on community dance. Her latest position before Bibu was at Region Skåne's cultural administration where she for the last year has worked as a development officer for dance and circus. 

Liselotte has worked as a producer and project manager in performing arts for 25 years with experience from theatre, dance, film and music. She's trained in communications and as a performing arts producer and has worked for many years for Skånes dansteater, mainly with making dance accessible for more. 

− We are incredibly happy and proud to have been given the board's trust to lead this amazing organization! We've followed Bibu for many years and know what a great platform it is to develop and lift performing arts for children and youth. 

Tanja Mangalanayagam and Liselotte Lindahl take over from Niklas Borefors, who after a well executed festival and ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering, leaves Bibu for a new venture.

/ Bibu AB

Published: 2023-03-01