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bibu at Scenkonstbiennalen

A bibu logo covered by a sign saying "at Scenkonstbiennalen"

While bibu gathers fantastic Swedish TYA (plus a large international programme) "Scenkonstbiennalen" is a jury curated festival aiming to cover the entire field of Swedish performing arts. Scenkonstbiennalen is celebrating it's 30th year and is held in Stockholm May 30 - June 4. This year Swedish TYA is represented by productions such as Unga Klara’s Brinn and Norrdans’ Våroffer, but bibu will also feature in the programme through two seminars (in Swedish).


To book your place at Scenkonstbiennalen; visit Scensverige’s webpage.


AFTER PODD: Välvilliga vuxna och ung publik
1 June – 12.00--12.45 – Dramaten, Dramatenbaren

Swedish TYA is of the highest quality, but it isn't all about what happens on stage, it's also about how it's received by its audience. 

In the upcoming bibu podcast Susanna Fredén from bibu and Ellinor Lidén from Centrum för Barnkulturforskning explore what we in the TYA-field do, why we do it and how our young audiences really receive it. 

Now we'll sit down at Scenkonstbiennalen with Nadja Hjorton, artistic director theatre at Regionteater Väst, Irene Grahn, former programme producer and drama pedagog in Helsingborg as well as former chairperson for Barnkultur i Sverige, and Elin Skärstrand, theatre director and artistic director for Månteatern in Lund to ask who we're really creating art for? And how can we become better listeners when meeting the children?


1 June – 14.00-15.30 – Playhouse Theatre

Passion, experimentation, and a will to take the children seriously has taken Swedish theatre for children and youth to an incredibly strong international position. But how do we handle the balance between new ideas and what's come before? Is there a risk of losing the core when the will to experiment goes too far? Or are we already losing our spark when we pat our own backs and tell ourselves how GREAT we are?  What thoughts and methods act as roots for the Swedish TYA-field and what new buds are ready to blossom if they were just given some nurture? 

The panel that will dig deeper in tradition and creativity in TYA consists of Karin Helander, professor in theatre studies, Kristian Hallberg, playwright and one of two artistic directors for Månteatern in Lund, and Andreas Ferrada-Noli, actor at Backateatern with long experience of performing for young audiences. Leading the talk is Catharina Bergil, from the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg and board member of Bibu AB. 

Published: 2023-04-24