Bibu Play

Bibu Play is our new forum for reaching out and collaborating with you in more channels.

During the spring, we will broadcast live via our Facebook page on three occasions and present artistic content, selected productions, our various theme tracks and collaborations - all before we release our program on March 18th!

The first broadcast will take place on 14 February at 14.00 - To get directly to the broadcast click here!

See program content from our Swedish jury and our international council and start planning your own program when we present the artistic content for Bibu 2022.

14 Swedish jury-selected productions
6 internationally selected productions
Productions within the School as a venue
Productions within Theme Track Function
Productions within Young Swedstage

In addition, as an extra Valentine's Day gift, we are temporarily opening up to be able to book Early Bird passes again during the day! To get to the booking click here!

Date of upcoming broadcastings:

Monday 7 March at 2 pm - Our theme tracks and collaborations



Published: 2022-02-04