Bibu the most important meeting place in the world 2022 – Leave no one behind

Bibu - the Swedish Performing Arts Biennial for Children and Youth - has been selected to host the international meeting Assitej Artistic Gathering in May 17 - 22 2022!

Assitej Artistic Gathering is arranged every year and is the world´s biggest reoccurring event for professional performing arts practitioners. In addition to the one thousand Swedish participants attending Bibu, another 300 - 500 international participants, all working with performing arts for children and youth, is expected to visit Bibu and Helsingborg.

Leave No One Behind

The theme for Artistic Gathering 2022 is based on United Nations 17 Global Goals for sustainable development which is the most ambitious agenda approved by all countries in the world. These goals have the power to create a better world by 2030, by ending poverty, fighting inequality, promote peace and addressing the urgency of climate change.

How can we jointly find a way to embrace the Global Goals? During the Artistic Gathering we will, using the watchword “Leave no one behind”, examine how we in the performing arts field can be part of a social, financial and environmental change. One of the history´s biggest civil society movement, Fridays for future, was started by a 15 year old Swedish girl and as organizer of AAG we feel a necessity to include this as part of our discussion. 

Bibu´s bid was presented to the Assitej digital General Assembly on May 18th and 19th and after a vote among Assitej´s more than 100 members, Bibu was appointed host of the Assitej Artistic Gathering 2022!

Global meeting place

Bibu is the most important meeting place in Sweden for professional performing arts for a young audience – an arena where all of us who work with children, young people and performing arts and culture, get together to experience and discuss performing arts for children and youth.

To host the Artistic Gathering also gives Bibu the opportunity to present Helsingborg, Skåne and Sweden as a vital performing arts country on the highest international level. 

By presenting Swedish and international performances in all genres we can show that performing arts for children and youth is in the forefront of artistic development.

With the Artistic Gathering 2022 we create an international meeting place for professional practitioners while we simultaneously offer children and young people the possibility to experience performing arts from all over the world. We will also focus our work on how sustainability can alter our processes, co-operations and performances in a global future.

After receiving the news, that Bibu will be hosting the next Artistic Gathering, our next step is to start working on developing the content and deepen the thematic discussions.


Assitej Artistic Gathering 2022 is organized in cooperation between ASSITEJ Sweden and Teatercentrum and is effected with support from the Cultural Council and Helsingborg Convention & Event Bureau in the City of Helsingborg, Culture Skåne and Event in Skåne, Region Skåne and the Swedish Arts Council.

Published: 2020-06-10