Bibu and Assitej Artistic Gathering 17-22th of May 2022

The 17-22th of May this year, Bibu together with ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering invites you to a six-day festival with Swedish and international theater, dance and circus performances for children and young people together with a wide range of seminars, debates, workshops and other performing arts-related surprises.

"It is with great pride that we welcome everyone who is passionate about the performing arts for children and young people to the festival in Helsingborg in May 2022," says Måns Lagerlöf, chairman of Bibu. "The festival offers all participants the opportunity to meet, talk, experience, network and be captivated by performing arts. It will be a performing arts festival extra everything as we also have the honor to arrange ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering during Bibu 2022."

"It will most likely be the first performing arts festival in almost two years that will be held live in its entirety with digital elements," says Bibus' CEO and operation manager Niklas Borefors. "It is with that approach that we plan our festival 2022, but of course we are at the same time humble of pandemic situation in Sweden and the rest of the world and have both two and more alternative scenarios to redirect to if necessary."

Published: 2022-01-27