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lillan och pappa august

Lillan och pappa August, bibu 2014. Fotograf: Anna Diehl.

les moutons

Les moutons, CORPUS, bibu 2014. Fotograf: Anna Diehl.

About Bibu AB

The goal for bibu is to strengthen the visibility and position for all performing arts produced for children and youth. Dance, dramatic theatre, performance art, opera, puppet theatre, contemporary circus, music theatre etc.
During four days in spring we want to show the latest developments, paint a picture of Swedish children’s culture and create opportunities for networking between all those that are committed to bringing high quality performing arts to younger audiences. bibu is an opportunity for performers, decision makers, teachers, children etc to meet booth on and off stage. Shows and seminars will give fantastic experiences as well as meaningful discussions and meetings.

Independent theatres and dance companies, regional and national institutions, as well as international guest artists will have the opportunity to present shows of high artistic quality to venue representatives, cultural administrators, teachers, politicians, media and the public.

The presented shows, together with a range of seminars and forums for discussion, makes bibu a natural place for analysis and reflection on the quality, status and possibilities of the art forms.

Swedish performing arts for children and youth have a great reputation internationally and bibu serves as a platform where the wide range of Swedish performing arts can be presented to both national and international interests. The biennial aims to be a meeting point that can strengthen Swedish participation in international networks and collaborations.

The first biennial which was held in May 2006 got reactions like this: "Finally we have a meeting point for everyone working with one of the most important fields of culture." During the subsequent years the biennial has established itself as an important meeting point for actors in the performing arts for a young audience. And now we are ready to take the next step in the development...

bibu 2020 takes place in Helsingborg on the western coast of Skåne and right next to its Danish neighbour Helsingør.

Bibu is an established arranger (Swedish Migration Agency) and a member of the Swedish ITI, Scensverige. Bibu was also an EFFE Label winner in  2015-2016*.

*The EFFE Label is Europe’s quality stamp for remarkable arts festivals showing their engagement in the field of the arts, community involvement and international openness.